Splatoon 2 – A Spooky Salty Splatfest

I didn’t have enough footage to make this one… Hopefully next splatfest I’ll have enough content to use.

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33 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 – A Spooky Salty Splatfest

  1. your a pro, I'm an expert (yet I'm a pro a adventure mode) you don't have to go easy on me if you see me, and no I'm not telling you my splatoon 2 name for no reason… I'm not sure why. :l

  2. This may be late but…
    Woah! Want to make views off of Splatoon, first play for a couple of hours, then edit out all the parts where you sucked, then add post commentary of you being cocky, cool and meant for most things that happened.Boom! You’re done

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