ProtonJon – Subscriber's Game Night – Splatting With Words

airdate: 24 March 2018
co-comms: Khead161

1:41 – Splatoon 2
2:10:10 – Intermission
2:22:04 – Team Four Star Eggs
4:00:22 – Use Your Words

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25 thoughts on “ProtonJon – Subscriber's Game Night – Splatting With Words

  1. 1:39:52 And that's the main reason why I only buy games that I feel are both going to be good and have interesting ideas behind them like Horizon Zero Dawn. Indies on the other hand is where I can agree with you about pretty much everything you said.

  2. So I have won Use Your Words on 2 streams now. Jon's and Jewker's. Now…. Tim, you are the final boss. Also that game was pretty fun

    -XenoDanganMonicals AKA "X"

  3. Link to the "Gun Gale Online" video:

    After hearing Jon's reaction and thoughts, I think it's best if I make another one. Particularly one, getting up close shots of the characters. Now that I think about it, I felt like that I rushed it. I was so focused on getting it done for Sub Night and it caused me to overlook somethings that Jon was looking for in that video. Yeah, most likely I'll make another, possibly having one of the game's cut scenes where there are up close shots of Jon and Reese. And this time I'll actually invest the time into it.

    I did mentioned in the stream chat that I was going to make that video public (right now it's "unlisted"), but right now I'm having second thoughts. Should I make it public?

  4. Glad that this was my first sub night; I'm kinda miffed at how easy it was to get booted out of Use Your Words even when you've already entered the code, but other than that, this night was an incredibly fun time, whether it be from watching Jon and co. have fun in Splatoon 2 or voting on and suggesting increasingly dumb player answers along with the rest of chat in UYW.

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